Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Fever

G'day to all
I apologize for my absence.  Business and family commitments have kept me extremely busy.   February came and went in a blink of an eye.  A special congratulations to Ernie and Cyndi, who competed with us on Season 19 of the Amazing Race.   They officially tied the knot recently.   If I had any advice for a newly wedded couple it would be to pray together.  For those who know the power of prayer, you know what I'm talking about.  For those that don't, take five minutes and look up the stats on couples that pray together;  it might have an impact in your own life.

photo courtesy of CBS
I had a great trip to Catalina Island with some friends.   Although the winds were a little light, we sailed and motor-sailed the whole way over.  We were greeted by a pod of Pilot Whales just off of Arrow Point as we made our way to Emerald Bay.   Yes, we took the plunge into what seemed like icy water.   It was great to see Brian and Judy from camp Emerald Bay . All in all it was a great trip.  Catalina is the bit of paradise as it ever was.  

On a filmmaking note, I was delighted  to  meet Dr. Ted Baehr from   We originally met Dr. Baehr at the San Diego Christian Film Festival.  He watched Wild Eyes:  The Abby Sunderland Story - the documentary of Abby's sailing trip, which he enjoyed.  He had many questions about the making of it  and so my wife, Marianne, and I  will be going to lunch with him this week.  I am looking forward to our meeting as Dr Baehr is extremely well-versed in all the avenues of the movie industry and a wealth of information.

Our family has grown again!  Ah, the joy of new birth.   One of our two cats had four adorable little kittens.  With 3 daughters in the house, the joy that the little additions have brought is wonderful. 

Now some of you are thinking. "What about the Iron Man thing?"   It's still going quite well.  I had a cold that lasted 2 weeks and an injury on top of a busy schedule so training has been more sporadic than I would have liked, but my quest still remains. 

Lastly, some exciting news.  My beautiful wife has been faithfully writing away every week at her blog - Abundant Life.   She has blogged fairly anonymously up until today when her blog post on Intrepid Parenting will be featured at a larger and more established parenting blog called the MOB Society (Moms Of Boys).  If you are a parent of boys (or girls) and would like to know how to raise them up to be courageous, head on over and leave a comment if you like what you read.