Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exciting News - a Screenplay!

The first month of the year has been and gone.  I blinked and nearly missed it. 

The exciting news I referred to in December is that the screenplay based on Abby's Solo-circumnavigation attempt has been written and completed.  It has also  received very positive reviews from respected folks within the industry. This is very exciting and will hopefully soon be in production.  The screenplay includes all the highlights of her trip:  the exciting drama and the rescue that captivated the world back in June of 2010.  This is going to make a very exciting movie to watch. 

Abby will be appearing at the Atlantic City Boat Show this weekend Feb 4/5.  She will have her book Unsinkable and the documentary Wild Eyes:  The Abby Sunderland Story with her.   If you happen to be in the area go and say g'day.

Training for the Iron Man is in full swing and has been very demanding but so are most things in life that are worth while.

21:  Rest day
22:  Rest day
23:  Spin class + 1 mile swim (3 x 24 laps)
24:  2-mile run
25:  4-mile run
26:  Spin class + 1 mile swim (3 x 24 laps)
27:  8-mile run
28:  Rest day
29:  1-mile swim (72 laps straight)

Over the weekend we had the privilege of watching 2 soccer games live at the Home Depot Center.   The 2 top teams from El Salvador and Guatemala played.  It was a great experience that I shared with Jessie, my 13-year old daughter, who earlier in the day played 2 games herself.  We were all 'soccer-ed' out by the end of the day, but had a great time.

We also had a few new additions to the family:   6 little chicks (the feathered kind).  I love watching the children interact with them.  The kids are totally enamoured with the little things.  

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is very exciting news indeed! Sorry we weren't able to visit while we were out there in Dec. We'll be out again and check in with you guys. Be well!