Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pursue and Achieve Ambitious Goals

G'day to all,

Well, for all of you who started the year with a New Year's resolution, it's day 21 - a day where no one will know if you just let it all go.  I hope to encourage you to keep with the action.  It takes 30 days to create a new habit so we are 3/4 of the way there. Yes, I'm struggling and although it takes 30 days to create a new habit, it takes only 5 minutes to give it all up. Let's endure together.

For those of you who didn't read my last post, I'm in training to do an Iron Man towards the end of the year.  I've given the quest a name - Fat Man to Iron Man.  In all honesty, I sometimes feel that I may have bitten off a bit more than I can handle.

The training schedule so far has been as follows:


1 - New Year's Day
2 - Rest day (oops)                                                                  
3 - 2-mile run with Jessie (13 year old daughter)                    
4 - 2-mile run with Jessie                                       
5 - 2-mile run with Jessie                            
6 - 2-mile run with Jessie                   
7 - Rest day
8 - Rest day
9 - 2-mile run
10 - 40 lap swim: 2 sets of 20 laps (easy because fat floats)
11 - 5- mile run (hard going)
12 - 1-mile swim: 3 sets of 22 laps (easy)
13 - Spin class (hard going)
14 - 8-mile run (hard going)
15 - Rest day
16 - 44 lap swim:  2 sets of 22
17 - 4-mile run with Jessie (hard going)
18 - Spin class morning and evening
19 - 1-mile swim:  3 sets of 22 laps
20 -  5-mile run (felt horrible - this was going to be a 10-mile run)

So there it is.  Thus far if it sounds exhausting, it is.  Have I have I felt like skipping my training?  I have. However, sticking with it and overcoming the apathy is important not allowing the 'stinking thinking' of  negativity to consume you. The hardest part of this is balancing business and family as the training is very time-consuming.  The up-side is a sense of achievement, loosing weight and knowing I'm on the road to achieving an ambitious goal, something that may be lacking as we get older in life.

As I write about this, a very ambitious young lady has set out to achieve something that is almost larger than life itself.  It is a quest that our family is very familiar with. Just over a year ago, after a battle with the Dutch authorities, Laura Dekker set sail in her 38 ft sail boat, Guppy, to solo circumnavigate the world and arrives today on the Dutch Caribbean Island of St Martin to become the youngest person ever to solo circumnavigate the world.  A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO HER  for a job well done, holding the course and keeping the spirit of adventure alive. A truly remarkable young lady.

Speaking of young sailors, Zac and Abby are speaking at the Toronto Boat Show this weekend.  If you happen to be in the area, duck in and say G'day!


  1. Keep at it Laurence! You will get there. I imagine the Amazing Race influenced this decision a bit? You guys did great on that by the way- I don't know how anyone manages to pull that off, it looks really tough.
    So happy to see you spoke about Laura too. I've been tracking her just like I did Zac and Abby. What an accomplishment.
    So keep at it- can't wait to see your next blog post about your latest success.

    1. Thanks Stephanie. My decision to train for the Iron Man was partly because of the Amazing Race but mostly it was those large mirrors in the hotel rooms I've stayed in over the past few years. Funny, a strange looking character, resembling a rhinoceros, was looking backing at me. It took a while before I realized who it was (me!). Hence the quest!